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The Influence of Music Video

Music videos are becoming more and more popular as an art form. And with the rapid increase of social media share bands and musicans would be crazy not to be releasing them regularly right!  The power of a Music Video is incredible and there is an ocean of creative juices to choose from!





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Pieces Of Me
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Every Time You Leave
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Most important is the way music videos connect with an audience, especially music videos with a message – regardless of it being good or bad. This is clear from the media hype surrounding Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’, and Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ – both videos set off so much debate and discussion both online and in person. But what messages are these videos sending?


Music Video provide ways for people to express ideas in a way that’s friendly to the general public. Even if videos are sometimes tasteless and offensive in content, the discussion around them is mostly productive and is, in most instances, a silver lining to the raincloud that the video may bring.



Junky Yard Queen
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Circus High
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Pose for da camera
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Media in general is a powerful tool, and I can’t seem to be fully opposed to videos that provoke such a strong, impassioned reaction from almost everyone.


Music videos can be used as a beautiful art form: a way for artists to visually interact with their audience and craft their distinctive persona. However, as the media’s need for ‘shock factor’ grows, their primary function becomes apparent. Music videos are just another form of advertising.





Circus High


In 2010 Circus High featured in Shine Magazine and premiered at Hoyts Cinema to over 2000 people opening week. A project for the youth CheekyMac Productions has donated 100% of Circus High profits to charity. 


Westside High School is an undomesticated jungle! Occupied by rebellious & interracial youths struggling with everyday life, Westside High is an intriguing place. When Rehim Merhi moves from his war torn country, Iraq - after loosing his father and brother to the war, assimilating into Australian culture is the least of his worries.

A small film with a big heart - 'Circus High' explores the ups & downs of what life can be like for the youth of today. In a society that is so rapidly changing for the worse, the only way to look it up! 115minutes.


The Arrival written by Australia’s Peta Sergeant & Directed by Belle Wolter was produced by Danielle McAlpine Johnson in 2015.


Film list:

  • 2010 Circus High - writen, produced & directed
  • 2011 Eyes only for you - produced
  • 2013 Entertaining angels - produced
  • 2014 Revival - produced
  • 2015 The Arrival - produced
  • 2016 Modern Church Family - produced
  • 2016 Ball & Beats - feature pre-production