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CheekyMac Charities

Chico & Danielle Johnson founded the non-profit organization CheekyMac Charities in July 2010 and in conjunction with CheekyMac Productions use the creative arts through films, stage performance, albums and music videos as a means to reach the youth and make a difference in the next generation.


Touring schools, youth groups, women’s shelters, churches, camps and corporate seminars both nationally & internationally CheekyMac Charities share messages of hope, unity, equality, community, anti-bullying & racism, depression & suicide awareness, drug awareness and living with purpose.


Chico & Danielle’s programs are incredibly well received by their audience & in 2015 were blessed to have had a 100% strike rate of invitation back to all organisations reached. CheekyMac Charities are often featured in magazines and newspapers as positive influencers amongst the youth.


Both Chico and Danielle believe that they have been given a platform for a greater purpose then themselves, so whether it's Chico singing on a stage for a group of troubled youths or Danielle touring with her book & mentoring sessions - their core focus is to shine a light in the darkness of any environment they encounter.


Since 2010 they have produced & been involved in a variety of youth driven projects around the world raising funds for charities both nationally and internationally.




Space To Create - Bahamas

Harbour Island All Age School - Bahamas

Dream School - Lusaka, Zambia

Christ Special School - India

Children of Uluru Mission - Northern Territory, Australia

Hope Orphanage - Uganda

Heart Kids - Victoria, Australia

YMCA Disability Services - Melbourne, Australia