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CheekyMac Productions is a boutique production house founded by Singer/Songwriter Chico Johnson & Producer | Director Danielle McAlpine Johnson in 2008.


Originally specialising in Music Video production, CheekyMac Productions core focus was to produce highly professional productions in a positive light as a means to reach the youth and make a difference in the next generation through the arts and entertainment industry. The team at CheekyMac Productions believe this industry is an incredible mouthpiece to speak life into the lives of it's listeners and viewers and are passionate about using their tools, skills and crafts to create a change throughout humanity.


Now, after 18 years of industry experience both in front of and behind the camera the team at CheekyMac Productions has developed a unique set of production skills that bring a dynamic & creative flair to any Doco, Film, TV, Radio, Song, Stage or Music Video production.


With a passion to pull client’s dreams down to reality CheekyMac Productions create inspirational, motivational & thought provoking productions that stand out in a crowd. Whether it is for commercial purposes or entertainment each CheekyMac Project has the heart and soul it takes to bring results to any platform.


From concept through to creation & completion CheekyMac Productions bring together a dynamic group of directors, producers, film crew, editors, actors, artists & musicians - all with their own unique story and passion for film/music making & story telling to ensure the highest level of Film, TV, Radio, Song, Stage & Music Video production.